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Alkalinity Detection Kit in Water

It measures the alkalinity of hydroxyl (OH-), bicarbonate HCO3-, carbonate (H2COO3) in water. With this set, measurements can be made in natural waters, well waters, after purified natural waters. It is titrimetric, it makes the measurement dependi

It measures the alkalinity of hydroxyl (OH-),  bicarbonate  (HCO3-), carbonate (H2COO3) in water.

This test with; naturel waters, well waters, after the treatment of natural waters, measurements can be made.

It is titrimetric, based on color rotation with titration.


An average of 50 tests can be performed with the test set.

The test set includes instructions and gloves.

The reagents are packaged in a special sealed bag.


Alkalinity; It is a measure of the acid neutralization capacity of water. 

In water; Hydroxide, carbonate and bicarbonate ions are corrosive to special conditions of drinking water, wastewater, heating and air conditioning systems, swimming pools, etc. is a very important test.

This set with alkalinity; It can be measured separately as “Phenolftalein”, “Methyl Orange” and “Total Alkalinity”.

In textile dyeing, especially for bicarbonate measurement, methyl orange calorie is used.


Due to bicarbonate in water, pH changes in dyeing and washing.

Bicarbonate starts to pH changes below 150 ppm. Prevention is necessary.

Therefore alkalinity measurement is very important in dyeing.

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