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Nickel Determination Kit

The button is used for metal alloys and nickel detection in water. It allows testing with aqueous solution or drop onto the surface.

Nickel Detection on Buttons and Surfaces: It is used to detect nickel in metal plate content, buttons and all kinds of metal alloy surfaces. The solution is rubbed with a drop, the presence of nickel gives it color.

Nickel Detection in Waters; Detects the presence of Nickel (Ni2 +) ions in water. If there is Nickel in the water, the solution will become colored. The color intensity is directly proportional to the Nickel concentration.

With this kit;

- boiler water,

- Machine working waters,

- Textile dyeing water,

- Detergent production water,

- Cosmetic production water,

- Drinking water,

- On the buttons

- On all surfaces containing metal alloys,

- Nickel detection can be made in all waters such as aquarium water.

It is colorimetric. With the formation of color, nicket is detected.

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