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Analysis Kit of Total Hardness in Water 1 f

Total hardness ration in water test kit with measures the total calcium and magnesium hardness in water. With this set, natural water, well water, natural water can be measured in the tests after treatment.

Total hardness ration in water test kit with measures the total calcium and magnesium hardness in water. 

WHO ( World Health Organization ) according to data, in drinking water should be Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions 3 dH - 5 dH total in range. 

Test kit measurements measured with 3/5 drops. (30/50 ppm CaCO3)

This kits with; boiler water, machine working water, painting water, detergent production water, cosmetic production water, drink water all water such as can e measured. 

The titrimetric, titration with makes measurement based on color turning.

1 drop of Titrator TS1 = 1 dH (German Hardness) is measured as. 

The number of test: Average during test of water with a hardness 10 dH 35 default tests were performed.


The best set for precise measurement!

Much more economical now! 

Test unit price = Kit price/number of tests


Water hardness: In ''calcium'' and ''magnesium'' caused by ions. 

These two ions together form the hardness of the water.


The quality of the drinking water or the water you use in your production determines the quality of your product.


Don't you want to know which water you drink or what water you sell/produce with?

15 mg/l CaCO3 water below is very SOFT,

15-50 mg/L CaCO3 water between is SOFT,

50-100 ppm CaCO3 water between is MEDIUM HARD,

100-200 ppm CaCO3 water between is HARD,

200 mg/l CaCO3 water above is very HARD is called. 


International unit ; 

1french hardness degree (oF) : 10mg/l CaCO3

1 oF=0.5599 german hardness degree (odH)

1 oF=0,70 British hardness degree (oE)

International= 1mmol/l = 100mg CaCO3/l

A.B.D = 1ppm = 1 mg CaCO3/l


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